Frequent asked questions


What is MasterTAAG?

MasterTAAG provides a simple solution for restaurants, bars and shops to share their product information on their customers’ mobile phones effortless by using QR code, NFC, WIFI and bluetooth technologies.

How does it work?

Customers will have access to a responsive menu/price list especially designed to provide the content in their own language and currency. They can access it via QR code, bluetooth/WIFI or NFC either inside or outside your premise.

is MasterTAAG free?

Yes – it’s totally free for all businesses for a limited period only so get it now!

What is NFC?

Near-field communication or NFC is a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm of each other. 

How MasterTAAG uses NFC and QR code?

When you register with us, we will provide you a set of self-adhesive coasters with your logo to be placed on each table or on your printed menu so each customer can access from their mobile phones your menu translated effortless!

We also offer various forms of support to access our digital menu. Contact us to discover them.

Do we need to download an app?

No. No download is required to use our NFC TAAGs.

Does it work on all mobile phones?

It works on all Android mobile phones with NFC and on the latest Iphone only but no worries we thought as a plan B for you! You will be able to receive the menu via a notification sent to you via WIFI or Bluetooth. No download needed.

How can I update my Menu or price list?

Just login and you will be able to add, delete any new item effortless from your mobile phone or pc. Are you out of stock? just put the item(s) on standby so your customers wont see it on the menu.

How does the Bluetooth, WIFI work?

Each of our customers will receive in their welcome pack a USB sticker also called iBeacon. It will send notification to open your menu to all mobile phones with wifi/BT. 

MasterTAAG iBeacon: more details

MasterTAAG USB is an USB-powered Bluetooth Low Energy proximity-beacon, which uses iBeacon technology or Eddystone(URL and UID) or Altbeacon, Supports Eddystone EID and Eddystone GATT via a firmware update.

MasterTAAG USB can be powered by any electronic device with USB port or directly by the AC power mains through an AC/DC power supply with USB port. This ensures an endless operating life, with no maintenance operation for battery replacement.Transmit Distance reach up to 400m.

MasterTAAG USB is particularly suitable for integration with PoS (Point-of-Sale) devices,electronic kiosks,retail, stadium, museum, hospital, exhibition, hotel, restaurant ,etc.

Can I show pictures on my MasterTAAG menu?

Yes you can, we designed the tool for you to easily take a picture from your mobile to be directly linked to your business menu. Your customers will be able to view your menu and click on each with a picture to ease their experience with you. Simple and efficient.

Can I change the order in my menu?

Yes. You can easily move each item up or down either from your mobile phone or PC.