Frequently Asked Questions

New to MasterTAAG? Welcome! If you are just getting started, here are some frequently asked questions to help you! If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us down below.

What is MasterTAAG?

MasterTAAG is a powerful and easy to use, all-in-one digital menu. Our QR code menus are customizable to your needs and it’s a great way to showcase your foods and drinks to your customers in an effective way. Start a free account today!

What are the benefits of a QR menu?

QR code menu is a digital menu that allows your customers to view and interact with your menu, order and pay directly from their mobile devices. Streamlining the operation of table service, you will see a huge improvement in efficiency and stress management for staff and management. Try out the test menu here

Is it free?

It’s completely free to get started and you can add more features onto your digital menu as you go along! You can do so with no commitment or get all the features for a yearly fee of £299, open your account to see how you can upgrade anytime.

How do my customers use the QR code menu?

Your customers have to simply flash the QR code to view your menu. They then can place their orders and pay via contactless payment. With a simple action, your customers have access to more than a paper or pdf menu could ever offer.

What is Menu Auto Translation ?

Your customers can translate automatically your initial menu in all the languages.

How do I track my orders? Is there an order management system?

You can easily track your orders with our order management system. With a free account, you can have access to all your orders! 

Do you offer a Click & Collect option?

YES –  Your customers get your notifications ( Pay now – Go & Collect) on their mobile phones with a sound. Free for Year plan or it can be bought individually in add ons.

Is there an order management system?

YES –  You can easily track your orders with our order management system. With a free account, you can have access to all your orders!

Can my customers pay through the menu?

Our digital menu has contactless payment options to make your system as efficient as possible.

I do not have time. Can you make a digital menu for me?

Yes, we can build a fully functional digital menu that fits your needs in 48 hours only! Check the add-ons page in your admin panel. 

Are QR code menus the same as PDF menus?

Our QR code menus are interactive and designed to make both your customer’s as well as your lives easier. Your digital Menu can also be downloaded as a PDF version in one click! Easy.

I have a problem with my menu, who do I contact?

We offer online support to all our customers via WhatsApp or check our contact page. We also recommend to check our tutorial videos 

Still have questions? Contact us