The Team

Meet our small/super team

David Navaro Vera
David Navaro Vera Founder & CEO

Entrepreneurial by nature, I look at things from a global perspective but act locally, and think outside the box.

George Pesagus
George Pesagus Software Developer

I’m a passionate Software Developer with over 6 years of experience in programming and database design.

Sandi Hormez
Sandi Hormez Physical web specialist

Enterprising Website Developer with a strong focus on physical web & Apps.

MasterTaag is the IoT startup behind the TAAG Solution.
As a disruptive company, MasterTaag is out to solve businesses problems by changing the mode of operation and doing business.
MasterTaag currently adopts existing technologies and tools in solving these day to day problems. It is majorly concerned with automating business processes to ease the art of doing business.

This philosophy has influenced the focus on the food services industry to simplify the ordering process.
Relying on Artificial intelligence, MasterTaag aims to create a better user experience for users through a better service delivery in numerous sectors.
Checking the availability of your favorite services relying on an Internet of Things application has become easier.

Super easy to set up and I can now reach more potential customers via this innovative digital menu and the QR code

Lionel - Palikao Los Angeles - USA
Lionel – Palikao Los Angeles – USA

“This is such a simple great idea I wonder how come we didn’t have it before! Love it”

Alice - App user
Alice – App user

Surprised at first with this service, we quickly understood the benefits for our customers

Coffee & Go - Grenoble , France.
Coffee & Go – Grenoble , France.