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A promising year ahead

In this blog, you will find a table with important dates for your post-COVID restaurant reopening for selected countries. The table will be updated from time to time. For real-time updates, refer to your country’s reopening site.

Calendar to illustrate the post-COVID restaurant reopening dates

For a detailed list of reopening dates & measures for the EU, click here!


Reopening restaurant rules post covid in the world

The table below shows the post-COVID restaurant re-opening dates and any information concerning restaurants in select countries. The table was updated on 21/05/2021.

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From 17 May:
Curfew: No
Opening hours: No restrictions
Sanitary measures: 
Venues are prohibited from providing smoking equipment such as shisha pipes & COVID-secure rules continue to apply

Source (in English)

Curfew: No
Opening hours: until 2300 hours
Sanitary measures: Bars: 1.5m social distance is mandatory, 1.5m physical distance between tables;
Restaurants: limit of 4 people per table and 30% capacity for indoor dining

Source (in Spanish)


Curfew: 2200 – 0500 hours depending on number of infections
Opening hours: Take-aways only
Sanitary measures:

Source (in German)


From 3rd May:
Curfew: No
Opening hours: No restrictions
Sanitary measures: A maximum of 6 people per table or 10 people in an outdoor terrace

Source (in Portuguese & English)


Curfew: No
Opening hours: No restrictions
Sanitary measures: 

Source (in English)


Curfew: No
Opening hours: No restrictions
Sanitary measures: Usual sanitary measures
Source (in English)


From 17 May:
Curfew: No
Opening hours: Varies according to states
Sanitary measures:  Varies according to states
Source (in English)

From 19 May
Curfew: 2100 hours;
Restaurants and cafés will be able to accommodate customers outdoors, with a maximum of 6 people per table
From 9 June
Curfew: 2300 hours
From 30 June
Curfew: No
This timetable is a prediction and could change depending on the following cases: COVID-19 incidence rate exceeds 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants; Risk of saturation of the intensive care units in hospitals
Sanitary measures: 1m between tables in restaurants and cafés
Source (in French & English)

Thank you for reading.

Please remember that these post-COVID restaurant reopening dates may vary according to the sanitary condition of individual countries.

I hope you have learned something new from of our new blog series! Stay tuned for more tips on your post-COVID restaurant reopening next week!

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