MasterTAAG Press Release 27th February

Press Release: MasterTAAG is an Internet of Things startup aiming to provide technology-driven solutions to businesses, by automating business processes to ease the art of doing business. MasterTAAG has disrupted the market by launching the first of its kind in cost-efficient translation app.

MasterTAAG press release

The MasterTAAG app is the first of its kind smart web service for restaurants.  Designed to help service restaurants by translating their menu into their customer’s preferred language and currency effortlessly. The use of digital technology ensures there is no download delay for the customers, helping them to understand the menu offered by the restaurants as well as the costs. The service also gives a pictorial representation of the menu, allowing customers to see how delicious the meal looks.
MasterTAAG mainly helps to solve one of the significant problems with ordering food or drink. The customer does not understand the meal or cost involved.

Press Release – MasterTAAG App

Consequently, the MasterTAAG app makes it order foods and drinks by providing the menu and the price list in the customer’s currency and language.
NFC technology provides access to the menu and price list, with iBeacon used in sending them to all mobiles devices that do not have the NFC technology. Users can connect through Bluetooth and WiFi, ensuring that everyone benefits from the technology regardless of their device.

MaterTAAG is already receiving accolades from users. “Surprised at first with this new physical web service and we quickly understood the benefits for our customers,” says Laurent N – Customer at Coffee & Go France.
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Media Contact:
David Navaro Vera
0044 7909 888 428
[email protected]

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