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One of the most important puzzle pieces to a successful reopening is a well-organized staff.

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Post-COVID Restaurant Training Guidelines 2021

Before your big post-COVID restaurant reopening, make sure your employees are well-prepared to accommodate your expected customers. How can you prepare them? These restaurant training guidelines can certainly help steer you in the right direction.

Go over the basics

Training your staff properly can certainly help! After a year of inactivity, some of your employees might have forgotten the crucial parts of hospitality. While the basics might seem unforgettable, remember that people forget even the simplest things. Remind your staff to be friendly and efficient! Educate them about the sanitary measures & the restrictions if there are any. Click here for information about sanitary measures and restrictions that apply to your restaurant in your country.

A well-prepared staff is key to your restaurant's reopening

One thing that separates your restaurant from the competition is the service you provide. When a customer asks for a recommendation, he/she is probably new and is excited to try something different. Usually, the waiter would recommend the whole menu. While this is good and it is implying that the restaurant only has good food, it does not help the customer decide. The customer wants to know more than what they can read from the menu.

When giving recommendations, add a personal touch by using phrases such as, “I really enjoy our chef’s curry…” and “I would recommend the steak because…”. Customers are more likely to order what you recommend because word of mouth is convincing. It gives the impression that you have tasted and really enjoyed it.

A happy customer is the ultimate goal of any restaurant

Motivate your staff

How can you motivate your staff? The most common way is competition. However, it is not always effective. Competing to sell today’s special might help motivate your staff to get extra tips but it might also pressure and stress them out. Instead, listen to your staff. Understand their needs and wants then accommodate accordingly. This will build a strong bond between you and your staff.

Next, understanding your staff can also help you organize your team more efficiently. Handpicking the right people with the right skills compared to randomly placing them will be like night and day when it comes to service and speed. While a chef is able to work the cash register, a trained waiter or waitress can operate it much quicker.

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