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Top 5 features of MasterTAAG’s QR code menu that makes it the best QR code restaurant menu solution for your restaurant, bar, and hotel

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In this blog, we will be covering the top 5 best QR code menu features. The purpose is to show you the power of the tool and how it can help your restaurant, bar or hotel grow!

QR codes are an easy and simple way to share your menu with your customers.

An efficient way to easily keep track of your orders

Customers can order and pay in one tap from their mobile phone.

Customers will know exactly when orders are ready for collection.

Have international customers? Instantly translate your menu to 50+ languages.

QR Code

QR codes can be placed strategically within the premise of the restaurant or even on your social media! Customers can access your menu just by flashing their mobile phone camera on the QR code. Customize your QR code by adding your own logo to it. Specify and localize your QR codes according to the tables.

qr code for your digital menu by MasterTAAG

Order Management

The order management system allows you to manage your customer’s orders to help you save time and be more efficient. If it takes 2 minutes for a waiter to take a customer’s order and send it to the kitchen, that time could be shortened significantly to as low as 30 seconds with the digital menu. Keep track of your customers’ orders and always be on time.

order management feature to help you keeptrack of orders

Contactless Payment

All orders can be paid instantly from a mobile phone via contactless payment integration. The secure payment method can help restaurants to keep the risk of virus spread at a minimum. The bill can be obtained instantly after payment is finalized, waiters can spend more time serving.

contactless payment integration feature to help your customers pay easier

Click & Collect

With built-in notifications to notify customers about the status of their order, the click & collect feature serves as a quick way for the restaurant to communicate with their customers.

clickandcollect feature that comes with customer notifications


Taking long hours to translate your menu to different languages has come to an end. Save time translating with our auto-translation feature. Customers can view your menu in 50+ languages in a single tap.

Easily translate your menu to 50+ languages easily, great for international customers

Test the menu below!

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“Reinvent the menu experience”

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