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Free QR code Restaurant Menu

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Smart QR code Restaurant Menu

Free QR code Menu
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Product overview

Top 10 Food ordering and delivery solution providers
in Europe 2022

Manage your QR code Restaurant Menu online with ease

Firstly Managing and publishing your digital menu is fast because of our easy admin.
Secondly the intuitive web interface of MasterTAAG makes it easy to add food and beverage items. Including product variations.
The EU-compliant labelling of allergens and additives is of course possible.

for your business

Best Digital Solution for the hospitality industry

Our QR code Menu​ is the best option for restaurant chains, hotels or resorts. MasterTAAG helps you to centralise all your digital menus into one simple solution. Ask today a quick product demo to learn how we can help your business to improve your order process.

Trusted by users all around the world

Our digital menu has 140+ different languages on both Tablet Menu and QR Menu

Seamless payment with Apple Pay & Google Pay

Your guests can easily pay their bills with Apple Pay & Google Pay, increasing your guest satisfaction. 

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The Menu Experience

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QR code Restaurant Menu

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