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Make menu changes in real-time with the same QR code. No need to reprint your displays every time you modify your menu.
While your customers place their orders on the QR menu, you can track all the orders from your dashboard. You can update them the status of the order, can give them option to pay via card directly.
Your clients don’t need to download any application. The QR menu will forward them to online page with your menu.
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I would definitely recommend Mastertaag. We currently have two menus hosted with them and I will be setting up our third one in the next couple of weeks as we prepare to re-open our third café following the Covid-19 closures.
I found MasterTaag via google search when we needed to create a digital menu due to Covid-19. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the clean, easy to view layout.
I love the simplicity of it and the fact that it’s very easy to navigate, with expanding folders for each subheading. When putting my menu together
I found MasterTaag to be well designed and very easy to use. It’s simple to add items to a menu and change prices and can be done from any phone or computer with updates taking immediate effect which makes it very functional. I also had a few questions when setting up our menu and I was very pleased to find that the developer answered my questions promptly and thoroughly and even went above and beyond to make sure my menu was ready in time for our re opening.
Thank you MasterTaag!

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