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MasterTAAG is offering hospitality businesses the chance to win a free premium account as part of our new Referral Campaign. Does this sound of interest to you and your business? If yes, then read on and see how you can receive a free premium account with MasterTAAG today. You can click here to claim your free MasterTAAG account now

Why do I want a MasterTAAG premium account?

Our premium account gives you access to multiple additional features that will help your business to stand out in an increasingly competitive industry that is hospitality. Here are a few examples of what owning a premium account with MasterTAAG can provide for you:

QR code with logo
Click & Collect
Customer rating
Order Management
Promo Window

There are many more features of the premium account that can help your business run more smoothly. To find out more, come back again next week and read our new blog. This will go into more detail on the benefits of owning a premium account with MasterTAAG.

Who is eligible for the Referral Campaign?

If you have received either an email notification or an in-app push notification from MasterTAAG, then you are eligible for the Referral Campaign.

Unfortunately, this promotion is currently only open to users who receive an offer from us. However, there is no need to worry if you have not received one yet. We will be releasing more promotions in the future which you may be eligible for instead.

Who can I invite for the Referral Campaign?

You are required to invite 3 friends who either run or influence a hospitality business such as a restaurant, bar or hotel. These businesses cannot already be using a free QR code menu and must not have used MasterTAAG before.

How can I invite friends for the Referral Campaign?

You can fill in your friends’ details using this link or you can search for the Referral Campaign on our website and sign up from there.

So why not refer 3 friends and save your business £299 a year on our essential premium membership? Use the link above to sign up today!

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What is #loveyourmenu?

#loveyourmenu is our brand new hashtag as we look to promote the use of free QR code menus for hospitality businesses all over the world. We here at MasterTAAG believe every business and its customers should love their menu. The use of QR code menus can increase your business’ efficiency and productivity, as well as being more convenient for your customers.

MasterTAAG aims to encourage businesses to move forward and improve their operations and would like to make it as simple as possible for you and others to find us.
You can use our hashtag on multiple platforms such as:

Like what you hear? Then why not join the conversation and use our new hashtag to get all the latest updates on our free QR code menus.


As the world changes and technology usage increases, it is paramount now more than ever for businesses to keep up with the latest trends. Implementing free QR code menus for your business is the perfect way to begin this modernising process.

So, don’t get left behind and remember to #loveyourmenu

Don’t forget, if you would like to participate in the MasterTAAG Referral Campaign, please click here to sign up.

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“Reinvent the menu experience”

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Restaurant staff set to keep all their tips

Hospitality staff set to keep all their tips under rule change

Restaurant, café and pub bosses are set to be banned from keeping tips left for staff by customers in Britain.

Hospitality staff to keep tips in UK

The government plans to make it illegal for hospitality firms to withhold tips from workers, who often rely on them to top up their income.

Labour Markets Minister Paul Scully said the plans would “ensure tips will go to those who worked for it”.

If an employer breaks the new rules they can be taken to an employment tribunal.

hospitality’s recruitment crisis

In that instance, bosses may be forced to compensate workers or face fines.

In a statement, the Department for Business said that the new legislation would help about two million people working in the hospitality industry.

A well-prepared staff is key to your restaurant's reopening

It is expected to come into force within the next year.

But it comes some time after the practice was reported to have taken place at High Street chains such as Pizza Express, Cote Brasserie and Bill’s.

In 2015, the restaurants were accused of keeping tips or charging 10% “administrative costs” on processing the service charge payments if they were made by debit or credit card.

[Article from the BBC News]

http://www.mastertaag.comMasterTAAG | Free QR code Restaurant Menu

qr code for your digital menu by MasterTAAG

Our Top 5 Best QR Code Menu Features for Your Restaurant, Bar, and Hotel

Reinvent the menu experience

Top 5 features of MasterTAAG’s QR code menu that makes it the best QR code restaurant menu solution for your restaurant, bar, and hotel

Duration: 5 minutes

In this blog, we will be covering the top 5 best QR code menu features. The purpose is to show you the power of the tool and how it can help your restaurant, bar or hotel grow!

QR codes are an easy and simple way to share your menu with your customers.

An efficient way to easily keep track of your orders

Customers can order and pay in one tap from their mobile phone.

Customers will know exactly when orders are ready for collection.

Have international customers? Instantly translate your menu to 50+ languages.

QR Code

QR codes can be placed strategically within the premise of the restaurant or even on your social media! Customers can access your menu just by flashing their mobile phone camera on the QR code. Customize your QR code by adding your own logo to it. Specify and localize your QR codes according to the tables.

qr code for your digital menu by MasterTAAG

Order Management

The order management system allows you to manage your customer’s orders to help you save time and be more efficient. If it takes 2 minutes for a waiter to take a customer’s order and send it to the kitchen, that time could be shortened significantly to as low as 30 seconds with the digital menu. Keep track of your customers’ orders and always be on time.

order management feature to help you keeptrack of orders

Contactless Payment

All orders can be paid instantly from a mobile phone via contactless payment integration. The secure payment method can help restaurants to keep the risk of virus spread at a minimum. The bill can be obtained instantly after payment is finalized, waiters can spend more time serving.

contactless payment integration feature to help your customers pay easier

Click & Collect

With built-in notifications to notify customers about the status of their order, the click & collect feature serves as a quick way for the restaurant to communicate with their customers.

clickandcollect feature that comes with customer notifications


Taking long hours to translate your menu to different languages has come to an end. Save time translating with our auto-translation feature. Customers can view your menu in 50+ languages in a single tap.

Easily translate your menu to 50+ languages easily, great for international customers

Test the menu below!

Purchase these add-ons now!

*You will need a registered MasterTAAG account before you can purchase add-ons. The link above will send you to the admin panel of your account. 

Create your own menu instantly now by registering a free account!

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“Reinvent the menu experience”

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Can hospitality’s recruitment crisis ever be fixed?

Can hospitality’s recruitment crisis ever be fixed?

Hospitality staffing crisis post covid

Brexit and Covid have exacerbated a problem that has been building for years. But some restaurants are trying to attract and keep staff by changing the culture of the industry

hospitality’s recruitment crisis

When Danny first entered professional kitchens he did so as a star-struck fanboy. He had devoured Marco Pierre White’s White Heat (“such a romantic book”) and Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential.

“I really bought into the glory of it. There’s a Bourdain line about the poetry of the way chefs moved at the grill. He was addicted to that. I loved it as well. I adored the cut and thrust of the kitchen. All I wanted was to be a really good jobbing chef.”

[Article from the]

MasterTAAG | Free QR code Restaurant



The hotel industry is being hampered in its recovery by a shortage of labor.

The global pandemic is being blamed for the issue because many employees left the sector as hospitality businesses were forced to shut for months on end in 2020 and, again, in the first few months of 2021.

Other workers may have health concerns about returning to work safely and a portion, especially in the U.S., are still receiving unemployment support from government.

A recent survey from the Hospitality Asset Managers Association reveals availability of staff as the top concern followed by customer demand and labor costs.

The concern was echoed during recent earnings calls with one senior hotel executive describing it as one of the most important issues currently.




QR code Menu the solution?

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What makes the ultimate customer experience in the hospitality industry?

In your plate blog series by MasterTAAG

Reinvent the experience

A simple guide to the ultimate customer experience

Duration: 5 minutes

In the previous blog, we covered the importance of your restaurant staff. They must understand that the customer pays for the food and the experience that comes with it! According to the National Restaurant Association, about 56% of people prefer to spend money on an experience rather than just-food. Customers looking for a good time at your restaurant will not be impressed with grumpy and rude staff. Now it is time to talk about customer experience and what you can do to make sure your customers get the best experience.

Sanitary measures

Due to the pandemic, many sanitary measures have been put in place to curb the spread of the virus. Ensure that you follow these measures so that everyone is safe! Click here for information about sanitary measures and restrictions that apply to your restaurant in your country.

Depending on the sanitary measures put into place by your local jurisdiction, if your staff is not required to wear a mask, remind them to smile and give a heartwarming welcome! A year of wearing a mask has hidden the many expressions that we are used to pre-covid. A smiling person is rarely something we see nowadays except on our screens.

A smiling person is rarely something we see nowadays except on our screens.
Pleasing your customers

Customer satisfaction should be every restaurants’ main goal. However, do not sacrifice your staff. Protect them from unreasonable and angry customers. Strike a balance in your decision-making to keep both your customers and your staff. The easiest and most efficient way to deal with angry customers is by rewarding them with freebies, coupons, and discounts. This not only tames their temper but also builds strong relationships and customer loyalty. 

A customer is only satisfied when his/her wants and needs are met. Some do not have preferences, while others have specific requests. Ranging from allergies to exactly a pinch of salt on their steak, the restaurant should go above and beyond to make that happen. By accommodating, customers will surely come back if they enjoyed it. 

Moving on, the flow of the restaurant must be well balanced. Although the food might be served quickly, if the food tastes bad, it is likely that the customer would not return. The same thing applies vice versa. A good balance between the quality of the food and the speed of service will maximize customer satisfaction.

A happy customer is the ultimate goal of any restaurant
A happy customer is the ultimate goal of any restaurant
Prices are a dealbreaker

One of the main factors taken into consideration by customers when deciding on what and where to eat is the price. Fair prices are attractive to customers. Not too low until you are unable to cover your expenses and not too high until the customers cannot afford it. For example, it is unreasonable to price a glass of water at $5. If you are able to cover the cost of certain things like water, do it! Customers will appreciate it! 

As restaurants begin to reopen, you can offer discounts as a way to attract customers to dine in. Promotions like buy one free one, happy hours or free drinks can help draw a crowd to your restaurant. It might even separate you from your competitors.

Prices are a dealbreaker
Prices are a dealbreaker
The importance of customer experience

Why is customer experience important? The power of word of mouth. According to Esteban Kolsky, 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people. Strive to give your customers the best experience, and more customers will walk through your door. 

How do you measure the success of your efforts? Feedback from customers is the main measure of success. Ask them for feedback after their meal and read online reviews. Some restaurants offer incentives to their customers to provide feedback or an online review. For example, a 20% discount code for their next meal in exchange for an online review, could encourage more people to give their feedback.

Finally, after having read those reviews, make sure to REPLY to them. Acknowledge your faults by apologizing and always thank them for coming. If a customer had a bad experience and leaves you a bad review, you can apologize and promise them a better time for their next visit. You can promise all you want, but be sure to deliver those promises and work on your restaurant’s flaws.

Thank you for reading.

I hoped you have learnt something from this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more content next week. 

Author: Jin Liaw 

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“Reinvent the menu experience”

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A well-prepared staff is key to your restaurant's reopening

Post-Covid Restaurant Staff Training Guide

In your plate blog series by MasterTAAG

Reinvent the experience

One of the most important puzzle pieces to a successful reopening is a well-organized staff.

Duration: 5 minutes

Post-COVID Restaurant Training Guidelines 2021

Before your big post-COVID restaurant reopening, make sure your employees are well-prepared to accommodate your expected customers. How can you prepare them? These restaurant training guidelines can certainly help steer you in the right direction.

Go over the basics

Training your staff properly can certainly help! After a year of inactivity, some of your employees might have forgotten the crucial parts of hospitality. While the basics might seem unforgettable, remember that people forget even the simplest things. Remind your staff to be friendly and efficient! Educate them about the sanitary measures & the restrictions if there are any. Click here for information about sanitary measures and restrictions that apply to your restaurant in your country.

A well-prepared staff is key to your restaurant's reopening

One thing that separates your restaurant from the competition is the service you provide. When a customer asks for a recommendation, he/she is probably new and is excited to try something different. Usually, the waiter would recommend the whole menu. While this is good and it is implying that the restaurant only has good food, it does not help the customer decide. The customer wants to know more than what they can read from the menu.

When giving recommendations, add a personal touch by using phrases such as, “I really enjoy our chef’s curry…” and “I would recommend the steak because…”. Customers are more likely to order what you recommend because word of mouth is convincing. It gives the impression that you have tasted and really enjoyed it.

A happy customer is the ultimate goal of any restaurant

Motivate your staff

How can you motivate your staff? The most common way is competition. However, it is not always effective. Competing to sell today’s special might help motivate your staff to get extra tips but it might also pressure and stress them out. Instead, listen to your staff. Understand their needs and wants then accommodate accordingly. This will build a strong bond between you and your staff.

Next, understanding your staff can also help you organize your team more efficiently. Handpicking the right people with the right skills compared to randomly placing them will be like night and day when it comes to service and speed. While a chef is able to work the cash register, a trained waiter or waitress can operate it much quicker.

Thank you for reading.

I hoped you learnt something from this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more content next week. 

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“Reinvent the menu experience”

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free Restaurant QR code menu #mastertaag

MasterTAAG: El menú de códigos QR para tu restaurante

Hoy en día existen muchas personas que buscan conocer nuevos horizontes. Viajar es algo que se está haciendo popular. Las grandes ciudades a diario son visitadas por una gran cantidad de turistas de distintas culturas así que esto hace que existan incontables limitantes al momento de la comunicación. Ciudades como Londres, Roma, Barcelona, París, Nueva York, etc. deben estar en contacto diario con muchas culturas así que los habitantes deben estar siempre actualizando sus tecnologías para hacer más placentera la estancia de los turistas en su área geográfica.

free Restaurant QR code menu #mastertaag
free Restaurant QR code menu #mastertaag

Vivimos en un mundo globalizado, donde todo está a un
clic de distancia, es decir que queremos tener todo de manera inmediata. Así
que la rapidez es un factor importante dentro de la industria gastronómica y
hotelera. Las estadísticas turísticas incrementan anualmente en las grandes
ciudades. Inglaterra ha sido uno de los países de la Unión Europea (UE) más
visitados en el 2018, seguido de Francia y España, recaudando un aproximado de 150
millones de turistas al año entre los tres.

Estos números invitan a los dueños de empresas
gastronómicas a estar en constante evolución para poder crecer entre la
competencia de los distintos restaurantes manteniendo al comensal feliz con un
servicio rápido y eficaz.

Una simple solución

Una de las soluciones n más sencillas es la aplicación MasterTAAG ( que se trata de un código QR que te redirige al menú virtual del restaurante en el que te encuentras y te especifica el menú de una forma sencilla e incluso podrás ver fotos de los platos. Posee una opción para cambiar el lenguaje del menú.

Si eres un restaurante podrás tener tu propio código QR el cual podrás imprimir para que los comensales puedan escanearlo y ordenar lo que deseen en un tiempo menor. La tecnología nos ayuda a ser mejores, así que no esperes más y pruébalo.

Restaurante Barcelona – MasterTAAG QR Code Menu

Palikao restaurant

PALIKAO restaurant – First MasterTAAG user in Los Angeles!

At a time when couscous is trying to access the Unesco heritage, Lionel Pigeard (formerly La Cantoche Paname) is reinventing his grandmother’s recipes with local products at his Palikao Restaurant.

Even his homemade harissa is inspired by local ingredients, with Mexican dried peppers: New Mexico, Puya, arbol chile.

Check their Mastertaag Menu! 

Get your free TAAG menu too

Register now!

The name Palikao comes from a small town in North Africa where the chef/owner’s grandmother Marcelle Tordjman was born in 1910. The fast-casual restaurant offers a couscous bar whereby each customer starts by selecting a grain. They have over six options to choose from including protein, veggies and Lionel’s secret broth with mild, spicy or ‘very spicy,’ on toppings.

Serving farm-to-fresh ingredients cooked daily, Palikao also offers salads, desserts, and homemade grocery products. Pricing for their bowls starts at $8 for regular and up to only $13 for the large protein bowls.

MasterTAAG press release

QR code Restaurants Menu

QR CODE for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels – the Covid19 solution

Press Release By 

  • As sanitisation becomes a priority following the COVID-19 crisis, paper and plastic restaurant menus could pose a health risk for diners, with bacteria counts as high as 185,000 per square centimetre (far more than a toilet seat).
  • New menu app, MasterTAAG, enables diners to access the menu from their smartphones by scanning a QR code, and avoid touching a printed menu.
  • While restaurants prepare to re-open, MasterTAAG is being offered free of charge until mid 2021, to speed up ordering, reduce reliance on printed menus and help minimise virus spread.

MasterTAAG, an IoT solution created by entrepreneur David Navaro Vera, enables restaurant patrons to access digital menus in multiple languages from their smartphone.

Already live in Shoko restaurant in Barcelona and the Pig’n Whistle in LA (prior to the lockdown), the solution allows patrons to use their own mobile phones to browse and select their order, rather than touch printed menus that are shared amongst other customers, by scanning the QR code at their table.

As restaurants review their dining strategies in anticipation of opening after the lockdown, MasterTAAG offers a solution to ensure restaurants can offer a high level of sanitisation by reducing their reliance on printed menus, which are typically a breeding ground for bacteria.

Aimed at supporting the hospitality industry by helping restaurants, in particular local independents, sanitise, simplify and speed up their food ordering process, the app is being offered free of charge until mid 2021.

MasterTAAG also provides restaurants with a digital portal including features such as social media, promotions, auto-translation and a photo menu.

“Despite global lockdown measures beginning to ease, the hospitality industry is still under huge threat, with many small businesses closing and jobs being lost. Restaurants, especially independents, are particularly at risk,” said David Navaro Vera, Founder & CEO at MasterTAAG.

“As local, independent restaurants underpin our culture, we must do everything we can to protect them. By providing these businesses with access to MasterTAAG free of charge until mid 2021, we want to give them every opportunity to survive and thrive, by reducing their reliance on printed menus to help minimise the spread of the virus – and more generally, improve overall menu hygiene ongoing.”

MasterTAAG press release

Media Contact:
David Navaro Vera
0044 7909 888 428
[email protected]